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Simple to use

Intuitive User Interface
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Secure handling of
certificates and keys
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Powerful toolkit

Generation of signed certificates
and asymmetric private/public keys
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User-friendly interface


The Spire Payments’ Unattended Installation Tool (SUIT) is a secure cryptographic device (SCD) that must be used for secure re-installation of Spire Payments’ unattended products in the field to ensure compliance with PCI Security requirements.

The main objective of the SUIT is to implement the dual control and one-time password requirements for protecting unattended payment terminals against unauthorised removal.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained on the SUIT it must only be used in a restricted area with access control, in accordance to Spire Payments’ security guidelines and applicable industry standards.

SUITs are SPc50 terminals loaded with specific software and keys to perform software signing. Note that the SPc50 is a PCI 3.x certified terminal which provides best-in-class cryptography implementation and secret key protection.

The features of SUIT include:

  • Generation of cryptographically signed one time passwords (OTPs) for Spire Payments’ unattended payment devices.
  • Controlled number and validity of OTP signing operations.
  • Users’ role settings to allow clear segregation of responsibilities and dual control for administrators.
  • Generation of asymmetric private/public keys.
  • Generation of certificate request in PKCS#10 format.
  • Import of signed certificates in PKCS#7 format.
  • Secure SUIT key store based on industry standard SQL databases for easy access and portability.
  • Secure storage in the SUIT key store
  • Creation of multiple administrators and operators
  • Detailed physical and logical logging capabilities
  • Networked API
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