Spire and Lanter Deliver Innovative Mobile POS Solution in the Russian Cities

Spire Payments and Lanter (LANIT group of companies) have developed an innovative mobile POS solution to capture transportation and municipal payments in the cities throughout the Russian Federation. The initiative is spearheaded by one of major local banks interested to expand into new market sectors. This ground-breaking initiative has been deployed in four cities and is currently tested in various programmes throughout the Russian Federation.

The solution comprises of a number of key components. Payments are accepted on Spire Payments’ latest mobile POS platform: the SPg7. This extremely powerful, compact and secure (PCI 4.x) device operates over the GPRS mobile network and seamlessly processes chip & PIN, contactless and NFC transactions from Transport or Citizen Cards with upgrade path to standard payment products including Mir, PayPass, PayWave, AndroidPay, ApplePay, SamsungPay, and GooglePay.

Lanter developed the bespoke application which resides on the SPg7 to allow processing of specific cards including local transportation and payment programmes. To allow the estate to be securely managed to the highest industry standards, Lanter also provide key injection and remote terminal management capabilities utilising Spire Payments’ market-leading application suite.

Andrey Agafonov, Lanter Commercial Director: ‘This project is a significant milestone in the region because it represents the first convergence between the banking and municipal sectors which will ultimately provide a seamless payment experience for citizens in our cities. The project has created lots of interests from the cities not only in Russia but either in neighboring countries. This project utilises Spire Payments’ latest generation PCI 4.x approved mobile terminal and security framework, which not only provides a future platform to accept the very latest payments technologies, but allows Lanter to deliver world-leading security and management support to banks.’

Tai-Kei Cheung, President Spire Payments: ‘We are extremely excited with this announcement since this is Spire Payments’ first major project in the Russian Federation. This project is an early indicator our aggressive geographical expansion plans are starting to gain traction and is the first of many announcements in the coming months.’